Trained as theoretical Physicist (Dipl. phys.)

Dissertation in Eco-Physiology (Dr. phil. nat.)

Postdoc on remote sensing of global land-surface properties
    at Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

1995 - 2020 Senior Scientist at PIK, research on:

→ integrated Systems Analysis, focussing on interdisciplinary modelling
   of coupled man-environment systems
→ contributions to the formalisation and further development of
   the Syndrome Concept
→ introduction of Fuzzy Logic and Qualitative Differential Equations in
   Sustainability Research

Since 2008 focusing on:

→ urban development under Climate Change
→ global patterns of Climate- and Global Change vulnerabilities

1998 - 2019: Lecturer at University of Potsdam

→ Faculty of Physics/Environmental Sciences/Climate Physics (Master-courses)
→ Supervision of Dipl./Master-theses

Since 2021 retired, occasionally research and publications
    on various sustainability problems